Consultation for your anaesthetic

The anaesthesia consultation room is situated on the upper ground floor level (RDC Haut) at the Polyclinique du Parc, next to Reception. Consultations can take place Monday to Friday from 7.55 a.m. to 12.45 a.m. and from 13.25 p.m. to 18 p.m. Two doctors are available for consultation every day. 

In about 60 % of cases, the consultation will be with the anaesthetist who will administer the anaesthetic. The sooner you make the appointment for the consultation, the more likely it is to be the same anaesthetist at the consultation and at surgery.

Please bring the results of any recent tests :

  • Blood test
  • Blood group card,
  • Specialist reports,
  • Electrocardiogram,
  • Xray, ultrasound scan, particulary for obstetrics,
  • Recent prescriptions.

When you make the appointment for your consultation, you will be given the anaesthetic questionnaire to fill in. You must bring this questionnaire, duly completed, to the consultation.

Informed consent

During your consultation with your doctor, surgeon and/or anaesthetist you will be given information leaflets and a consent form drawn up according to the hospital patient charter.
This consent form, duly dated and signed by you, will be added to your patient file.

You will also be informed of the fees for your anaesthetic to be paid when you leave hospital.


The anaesthesia consultation provides information on your general health in order to establish the most appropriate method of anaesthesia for you and for your operation. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and for the doctor to provide reassurance on specific points you wish to clarify.

During this consultation you will be given lifestyle advice and instructions to follow for the period before your operation The doctor will explain why, when and how you must respect the « nil by mouth » rule.

In your best interests, medication or further tests may be prescribed.

Your anaesthesia file is computerized and can be consulted by all the anaesthetists on the team. It will be regularly updated with your test results and any subsequent medical opinions will be added.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment by phone at 02 41 63 46 29
Monday to Friday from 8h to 19h30 and Saturday from 8h to 12h30



Polyclinique du Parc
Avenue des Sables
49300 Cholet


Secretariat of anesthesia
02 41 63 46 05


Anesthesia consultation
02 51 89 18 76